All Things Are Possible if You "Just Believe"!

  Oxford Full Gospel Church


1.  Bro. Bob Healing of the mouth.

2.  Katey Healed of Carpel Tunnel & Stress.

3.  Lu Healed of pain in the legs & feet.


Restoration Fellowship, Bryan, Ohio

A woman came to the altar weeping and receive Jesus as her Lord and Savoir.
Also, we ministered healing to another lady for oppression and she received her victory.

One young man received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, and there were many physical healings.

God is doing great things! PTL.

Wauseon Christian Center

Two men received salvation on Sunday morning, January 21, 2007, and was delivered of alcohol, then came back to church on Wednesday night and testified that Monday morning was the first time in many years that he did not wake up with a stomach ache.

God is SO GOOD!!!

Bethel Assembly of God

Miracles, signs and wonders are happening, last week in our meetings at Bethel Assembly of God in Huntington, Indiana, we had a man who was delivered of alcohol, he had been trying to give it up for years and could not do it within himself, BUT GOD gave him his deliverance.

Another pastor was visiting and he had a torn rotator cuff and could not move his arm without pain, we came into agreement with him and prayed the prayer of FAITH and today he is healed because God gave him a MIRACLE.

One more another lady who had been oppressed in her spirit, came for prayer we again came into agreement with her and GOD totally set her FREE, WHAT A GREAT GOD WE SERVE.

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